Doblaje Into English y/o al Español


Dubbing Into English  -  Spanish

In 2010, Borealmedia, a company dedicated to the entire field of television and cinema production, decided to expand the range of its activities and business and created  

We now work from our offices in Vancouver, Canada and Bogotá, Colombia 


ABOUT US is a company specialized in dubbing and subtitling of audiovisual media, from any language into English or Spanish.

Dubbing Into English - Spanish


Vancouver is currently known as Hollywood North, due to the large volume of of television and cinema productions that are continuously produced.  Because of its neutral English accent, it is said that "Vancouver is more English than the English themselves".  That is why, here in Vancouver, we have specialized in the realization of of sound projects - DUBBING -(A&R), from any language into English

Dubbing Into English - Spanish


Bogotá is the premier Latin American Centre for audiovisual projects and home to world famous actors and speakers known for their excellent handling of a neutral and international Spanish language.  Here, we carry out television audiovisual projects and dubbing to Spanish from any language.


Dubbing Into English - Spanish

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